Mahama urges Ghanaians to stop blame game

President John Mahama has urged Ghanaians to stop the finger pointing in the wake of a national tragedy and focus on what must be done to ensure disasters akin to last Wednesday’s never happen again.

“There is plenty of blame to go around,” the President said at a National memorial service held at the forecourt of the State House for the 152 victims who perished in the disaster.

Instead of apportioning blame, he wants Ghanaians to stop blaming governments, past and present, for negligence and assess “what government must and will do”.

He said the disaster has stripped the nation down to the “truth of who and what we are” and forced the country to face the “essentials of reality”.

The President said government has directed the release of funds to repair roads and support survivors and displaced persons reported to be about 8,000.

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