Mahama to open Job 600 complex on Friday

f42d9a78d8d8e45ce696041593a59f65_L-620x330President John Dramani Mahama will this Friday commission the Job 600 office complex for Members of Parliament. The official ceremony will bring to an end, works on the 50-year old structure which is aimed at bringing efficiency to the work of MPs

The complex has thirteen floors with two hundred and fifty two offices. The original 1965 structure now has two new additional blocks.One of the new blocks will host a three hundred seater auditorium while the other comprises a gym, restaurants, a fire station and banks.

A Parliamentary Training Institute will also be housed in the complex. It also has a VIP common room and a video conferencing room.

When the President officially hands the keys of the facility to the Speaker of Parliament, it will also end an era were MPs use the boot of their vehicles as a library.

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