Mahama has 2yrs to fix Ghana or get kicked out – Casely-Hayford

Financial analyst, Sydney Casely-Hayford, has said President John Mahama has two years to fix Ghana’s economy or get kicked out of office in the 2016 elections.

He said he will be “very disappointed” if Ghanaians vote for the governing National Democratic Congress in 2016 if the Mahama administration is unable to solve the problems confronting the country.

“He has just two years to prove to Ghanaians that he can solve the economic problems and if he is not able to fix them by 2016, I doubt the NDC will be in power, and if we keep them in power, I will be very disappointed”, he told Citi FM, Monday.

Commenting on the president’s promise that the current IMF bailout being considered by Ghana will be the last time the West African country turns to the Bretton Woods institution for help, Casely-Hayford said: “I doubt very much that the depth to which we have sunk, an IMF intervention will deal with it comprehensively. I don’t think the president should be making statements that may outlive him.

President Mahama, upon his return from the US on Sunday, where he attended the 69th UN Assembly, told Ghanaians: “We are going to go into a three-year programme with the IMF and it is my belief that Ghana’s economy will become stronger and more robust than ever before in the history of this country.”

“And so we need the cooperation of all Ghanaians as we begin this IMF programme, and it is my hope that this will be the last time we would have to go to the IMF for any such programme”.

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