Mahama gets Red Card

22758374.295Prevailing socio-economic conditions in the country has compelled a group of Ghanaians both home and abroad to form a coalition to help remove President Mahama and his ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government from office.

Dubbed the ‘Red Card Movement’ (RCM) with organizational centres in North America, Europe and Ghana, the coalition of Ghanaians in the diaspora are seeking to agitate for a better Ghana, by showing a figurative ‘red card’ to the causes and symptoms that are driving the country backwards.

Already, a buzz has been created on social media with their Facebook page receiving more than 70,000 visits in the first week.

Coordinator of the Movement in the United Kingdom (UK), Kwame Gyamfi, who spoke to DAILY GUIDE said, “it is reputed that there are 4 million Ghanaians abroad, equivalent almost to New Zealand in terms of population. It is a sizable enough constituency that, if it is mobilised, can effect positive change in Ghana – especially given the wide-ranging skills base existent within it.”

“With the morass of incompetence, corruption and ineptitude that is plaguing Ghana at the moment, it would be remiss of Ghanaians abroad to watch helplessly from the sidelines as Ghana sinks”, he told the paper in an interview.

On his part, the group’s United States (US) Coordinator, Kwabena Appiah spoke of the desire of the founders of the Red Card movement to see that 2016 results in the removal of President Mahama from office.

“Mahama is No.1 on the red card list. His term as president has been notable only for his presiding of dumsor, wanton corruption with impunity, strikes and general economic decline. By mobilising Ghanaians into an effective force, we can help drive the necessary change”, he noted, insisting “the can-do attitude and dynamism of the Red Card Movement cannot be ignored.”

From afar, he said, “it is observed that since their 2012 election, Mahama and his team have presided over an unprecedented decline of the nation, a decline that is all the more alarming due to its rapidity.” “To the expatriate Ghanaian, something is not adding up.” According to him, “lacking both a sense of direction and a clear sense of leadership, Mahama captains his team of NDC reprobates to continually commit a series of baffling infractions” and that “for these infringements, Mahama and the NDC must be shown the red card. Mahama and his coterie of NDC incompetents must go.”


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