Made of Black recognised internationally

blacAcross the country, the fresh progressive spirit of the new generation of Africans continues to make its mark.  The movement is being driven by those with a Made of Black attitude and is being fuelled by creative individuals with imagination and flair who are pushing the boundaries and aren’t afraid to express themselves.

International recognition of this movement that is sweeping the nation came in July, when the most recent Guinness TV commercial received international accolades at the Cannes Lions Awards.  Guinness Made of Black celebrates these bold individuals who have the confidence to carve their own path.  As a bold beer that is constantly looking to push the boundaries, Guinness created a film to showcase those with the Made of Black attitude

To raise further awareness of the Made of Black campaign, Guinness has been working with [EL, Reggie Rock Stone and Shatta Wale], who have been selected as ambassadors for the campaign due to their own Made of Black attitude.

The Made of Black film has been awarded a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions in the Film category.  It was also awarded a Bronze Lion in the Film Craft category.

Made of Black joins a host of iconic films from the brand including Michael Power, Greatness and Tornado.

Comments [EL], “Made of Black is all about being who you are, showing you have the confidence and bold attitude to write your own story. The Guinness Made of Black film pushed the boundaries, featuring a whole host of people from across the continent who can inspire us with their creativity and boldness. It is only right that people from across the world are waking up and recognising the awesome power of this new generation of Africans.”