Lydia Forson did not disrespect Prez Mahama – Manasseh Azure Awuni

Lydia Forson has come under fire for saying that ‘Mahama is that school kid who is always last‘. For some people, her remarks amount to disrespect to the presidency.

However, influential journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni disagrees with that assertion. In his view, Lydia was just “brutally truthful”. See the full comments by Manasseh as expressed on his facebook page below:

I have read Lydia Forson’s letter to President Mahama and I don’t see where she disrespected the president apart from her decision to be brutally truthful. Until we get to a point where we can address a fool as a fool, we will not get anywhere. I sincerely believe the Office of the President must be accorded with dignity, but when occupiers of that noble office strip it of all its dignity, then the citizens must see it as such. If you are a business man or woman, who has been forced to close down or downsize your business because of the power crises, and the President who is supposed to address the problem says you are closing it down because you are not smart, how will you take it? Is that not an insult from the President? People are dying. Businesses are closing down. People are losing their sources of livelihood? Are these less important than the words with which our president is addressed? There is a limit to which people can endure suffering and mockery from their leaders. Let us speak truth to power. 

By Kwabena Boateng/GCP with files from Manasseh's facebook page