Love is a full package; understand it

black-couple-540x330If love is the only reason for marriage, then why do couples who claim to have married for love seek for divorce? Is the love not enough? I would like to point out that love is more than enough. What we do not realize is love is a package. It is not just a sentimental feeling for someone.

To say that you are IN-LOVE with someone, then you must be ready to:

1. Forgive: – We all err at one point or the other and the one you love is actually the one capable of hurting you the more. If you cannot forgive the one you claim to love, then you can never forgive anyone else.

2. Trust: -You should at least have a modicum of trust in the one you love. Give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Doubt is one way for a relationship to crash. When a partner feels like he/she is not trusted, it’s creates bitterness over time a distance that becomes too wide to close.

3. Compromise: – You must know that no one is perfect, as we all have our weaknesses and strengths. If you love someone, you must love him/her in totality. Learn to cope with his/her weaknesses and strengths. If you can help him/her to overcome the weaknesses, then you should also be ready to let him/her help you with yours. Let go of ego and pride and work it out together.

4. Respect: – Everyone deserves respect, no matter their status in life. So if two people who claim to love each other have no respect for one another, then who can they respect? How can you claim to love someone and yet disrespect him/her both privately and publicly? If someone else disrespects your partner, can you come to his/her defense? When you disrespect your partner, it’s like stripping him or her naked and asking the world to see his or her shame.

5. Be Faithful: – You must be ready to commit to your partner for the rest of your life, that there will be no other but him/her.

6. Have Patience: – Love is like a long journey with some bumps on the road. It’s like a beautiful wild rose garden, which needs nurturing. To reach your destination or acquire beautiful budding roses, you need patience; because along the line, you will hit a pothole on the road or prick your fingers on the rose thorns while pruning. Some few pricks and bumps should not cause you to abandon the one you claim to love.

Stay blessed and always remember that Jesus loves you dearly and I do too.


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