‘Live rabbit better than dead goat’ – ‘Opana’ responds to Mahama

1.3430513-612x330The acting Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay has hit back at the president for describing his meeting with the press as a “rabbit press conference.”

“Surely, a live rabbit is better than a dead goat,”Mr. Blay stated.

According to him, Ghanaians expected President John Mahama to have done his possible best to shed off the “incompetency tag” associated with his government while campaigning in the Volta Region.

“But, No! He chose to use the platform to insult the NPP, in the forlorn hope that the NPP will respond in a disproportionate manner, and thereby enable him to run away from his abysmal record of governance in office,” he added.

President Mahama while addressing NDC faithfuls in the Volta Region chastised Freddie Blay and the NPP for attacking him.The President also wondered why Freddie Blay held a press conference on the same day, the party’s suspended Chairman, Paul Afoko addressed the media.

President Mahama without mentioning names referred to Mr. Blay as Opana; a term used to refer to someone in a teasing or mocking manner.

“On the day that ‘Opana’ was doing press conference to respond to me, someone else was doing press conference saying I am the chairman. Who is the chairman? Right now I don’t know who to address. One says I’m the acting chairman, another says I am still the chairman,” Mahama mocked.

We will not descend into gutter with Mahama

But a statement signed by Freddie Blay did not mince words at all to respond to the president. He said “we are sorry to disappoint you, President Mahama. We will not descend into the gutter with you, where you are comfortably, but strangely, languishing in of late.”

He argued that  “from all indications, it is evident that President Mahama prefers to concentrate his attention on the NPP, as opposed to telling Ghanaians what he and his NDC government have used the GH¢200 billion in revenues, from taxes, loans, export receipts, etc., over the last 7 years for.”

He further advised president Mahama to focus on governing the nation instead of trying to take a dig at the NPP.

“President Mahama, clearly, is disappointed and sad that the focus of Ghanaians is no longer on the NDC-induced internal happenings in the NPP, but, rather, on his incompetence and the spectacular failure of his NDC government in running the affairs of the nation since 2009.”

NPP didn’t contribute 41% of debt stock

Freddie Blay also insisted that the NPP’s government under Kufuor did not contribute 41% of the nation’s total external debt stock.

“Lest we forget, we want to tell President Mahama to check his mathematics, because he has, once again, incompetently exposed his lack of knowledge of the subject. We want to tell him that GH¢9.5 billion, representing the total public debt stock left by President Kufuor, out of GH¢94.5 billion, which is Ghana’s total debt stock, expressed as a percentage can in no way be 41%, as he stated in Ho,” he added.

source: citifmonline.com

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