Live by acceptable standards, Marshallans advised

graceThe Very Reverend Father Mathew Yitiereh, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Tamale, has called on Marshallans, a body within the Catholic Church, to live by acceptable standards and help strengthen the Catholic faith.

He said “there are disturbing stories about Marshallans living double standards in their marriage lives. Lately, there is even a more disturbing story about Marshallans consulting pagan oracles, mallams and going to spiritual churches for their own welfare”.

Reverend Father Yitiereh gave the advice in Tamale at the weekend during the Third Northern Regional Conference of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall, which brought together Marshallans from the Damongo, the Tamale Ola and Cathedral Dioceses for the two-day conference.

The conference was on the theme: “The Marshallans and the New Evangelisation for the transmission of faith” and it was meant to engage in discourses that would deepen the spirituality of members and enhance fraternal relationship.

Reverend Father Yitiereh said it is important for Christians especially Marshallans to be more vigilant in their apostolate to win more souls for Christ saying “there is the need to refer constantly to your aims and objectives as you support one another”.

He said it is important to unite behind the Roman Catholic Church and that it was also necessary for members to share common understanding in all matters that would promote their welfare other than consulting pagan oracles, which is anti-Christian.

He said members should inculcate loyalty and fidelity to the state and the Church to promote unity and development in the country.

The Rev. Father Yitiereh called for the total commitment of members to evangelize saying, “The Noble order has very attractive aims and objectives and this includes evangelization”.

He advised Marshallans to let their actions and faith be guided by the four pillars of ‘Unity, Charity, Service and Fraternity’ to ensure that the attributes of Jesus Christ remained in them.

A message from the Supreme Knight called on Marshallans to reflect and identify their individual as well as collective roles in the New Evangelisation and stressed the importance of members to strengthen their evangelization drive.

The message said the major resource required for undertaking evangelization was to understand the teachings of the Church and strive to improve on Marshallan practices with the view to demystifying certain rituals and activities to make it easier for people to understand the Marshallan community.

Sir Knight C.N Kasei Chief Kamanpesiwura, Chief of the Kamanpe Traditional Area, who chaired the function advised members to stay focused and united to achieve their aims and objectives.


Source: GNA