Littering is NOT the cause of floods

Oko Vanderpuye
The smartest trick politicians have pulled about this ‪#‎AccraFloods‬ crisis, is brainwashing the people to believe that they caused it because of their littering. This way responsibility is deflected off officials paid to fix such problems, and they conveniently escape the blame. So the problem keeps persisting with their incompetence.

Littering is an issue, however it contributes very little to all this flooding.

The real problem is our DRAINAGE SYSTEM! Not littering. Drainage. The answer to any flooding anywhere in the world is drainage. Just look around; all areas affected by floods in Accra have terrible drainage so when it rains, the water just sits there.
Stand at Nkrumah Circle and ask yourself where all that water is supposed to go to.

And please don’t say “Oh, people build in water ways.” Google what a water-way is. Don’t let politicians just make you swallow everything they tell you. Honestly these areas are flood prone, which is why, again, serious underground drainage systems must be built so that such disasters cease to happen. Also state institutions which are supposed to regulate the usage of these areas must really wake up and take their jobs more seriously.

Let me tell you something you already know. Countries which progress do so NOT because their citizens are good, but because they make sure their laws work. Just enforce the law! Stop saying “Oh, Ghanaians are troublesome.” People are the same everywhere. You’re not in office to complain about human behavior. You are there to control human behavior. Losing this control is equal to failure. Unfortunately there are no gray grounds to this.

Let me add that, in my opinion the majority of the people would like to do the right thing, yet sadly our systems make this so difficult. Think I’m exaggerating? Walk from Nima Junction to Circle trying to find a bin to drop your water bottle in. I wish you success.
Solutions? (As if we don’t already know).

1. Build large underground storm drains to receive all that rain water and connect them to the sea.
2. If we are going to pretend littering is the cause of this big crisis, lets create an effective garbage collecting system to control the problem.
3. Laws! Lets enforce them. The “whom you know” machinery is too strong in Ghana. And this is evidence that our law enforcement agencies have been weakened by too much power play. Influential people get away with every and anything. Its almost a hopeless situation.

In 2014 (2 years ago), this is what our President said: “I have instructed the Finance minister to release funds immediately for construction of storm drains in Accra to prevent flooding next year.”
What happened to all of that? Chale lets get serious sometimes. Over 100 Ghanaians died last year at one place in one night. I guess you know why.

God bless our homeland.

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