List of festivals in Ghana

NoNameRegionLocationTribePeriod/Timing of CelebrationBrief Description    
1DipoEasternEast of AccraKroboAprilA puberty festival to initiate young girls into womanhood
2AboakyirCentralWinnebaWinnebaMayDeer Hunting
3BakatueCentralEliminaEdina/ElminaJulyFish Harvesting - Bakatue is an annual festival, celebrated on the first Tuesday of July, by the chiefs and people of Elmina
4Fetu AfahyeCentralCape coastOguaaAugust/SeptemberHarvest commemorating first contact with whites
5HomowoGreater AccraAccraGaAugust/September(Harvest/Thanksgiving
7HogbetsotsoVoltaAnloAnloNovemberSymbolizes the migration of Anlos from the tyrannical ruler of
8DambaNorthernTamale/YendiTamale/YendiSeptember/Octoberlinked with the birth of Mohammed
9FiokUpper EastSandemaSandemaDecemberWar festival
10Adae Kese AshantiKumasiAkansFestival of Purifying of the Ashantis' ancestral stools
11ApooBrong AhafoTechiman & WenchiTechiman & WenchiNovember/DecemberFestival aims to purify people
12Kwafie Brong AhafoDormaa Ahenkro, Berekum and NsuatreDormaaNovember/DecemberBurning of a large bonfire to celebrate the Dormaas for bringing fire to Ghana
13AkwantutentenVoltaworaworaworaworaSeptember/OctoberCelebrated to remember the long trip made by the people from Ashanti Region to the Volta Region
14OdambeaCentralSaltpondSaltpondAugustCommemorates the migration of the “Nkusukum” people centuries ago from Techiman (500km away) to their present settlement
15Yaa AsantewaAshantiEjisu-JuabenAsantesAugustTo celebrate Nana Yaa Asantewaa the brave Ashanti war heroine and those exiled to the Seychelles with he
16AkwamboCentralAgonaAgona NyakromAugustCommemorates the migrations of this regions  ancestors to the region.
17KenteAshantiBonwireAsantesJuly/AugustCommemorates the origin of the Kente cloth
18Asafotu-fiamEasternAdaAdaJuly/AugustCommemorate the victories of warriors in past battles as well as those who died
19PanafestCentralcape coastFantesJuly/AugustFestival is dedicated to showcasing the African arts and honour Africa slaves
20NkyidwoAshantiKumasiEssumejaLast Monday in November/1st Monday in DecemberThe performance of rituals and durbar of traditional leaders at a site in the Asantemanso forest, known to be the ancestral origin of the Asantes.
21OhumEasternAkyemJune/July and September/OctoberMarks the anniversary of the Akyem Nation, worshipping the ancestral stools and the spirits of those who occupied them and also marks the beginning of the firs yam harvest in the year
22AgadeviVoltaHohoeEwesJuneCommemorates a major landslide 75 years ago on a section of the Akwapim/Togo range
23BugumNorthern, Upper East and Upper WestDagbon, Gonja, Mamprusi and Nanumba.Dagbon, Gonja, Mamprusi and Nanumba.JuneCommemorates the flight of Naiul-Lah Mohammed from Mecca into exile in Medina.
24DzohayemGreater AccraOsudokuMayCommemorates the descent of the ancestors from the Osuyem Hill
25JintigiNorthernGonjaGonjaAprilCommemorate the search of a lost son of an ancient king.
26WilaaUpper WestTakpoTakpoMarch/AprilThanksgiving to God and ancestors for a good harvest and guidance for their farming activities
27GolobUpper EastTengzungTengzungMarch/AprilMarks the beginning of the sowing season
28Atu-Ho-AkyeAshantiEjisuAsantesMarch/AprilA durbar of chiefs and local people celebrate and honor ancestors.
29GwolguUpper EastTonguTonguMarchCelebrated to usher in the new farming season.
30KpledjooGreater AccraTemaGaMarchAn annual festival to facilitate the recovery of the Sakuma Lagoon for bumper harvest.
31DzawuwuVoltaDabalaEwesFebruaryIt is an Annual traditional and thanksgiving festival of the Agave people.
32PapaAsantiKumawuAkansFebruaryIt involves Procession of chiefs & militia, cow sacrifice & ritual to secure cow meat.
33Apafram EasternAkwamuJanuary
34Kpini-Kyiu & Tenghana Upper EastWa & TonguWa & TonguJanuary
35RiceVoltaAkpafuEwesJanuaryCelebration of the Rice harvest
36NkronuwesternShama/BeposoShama/BeposoSeptemberit involves purification of stools, prayer to ancestors for good harvest and long life
37Akyempem AshantiAgonaAgona September
38OhumkyireEasternKibiKibiSetember/OctoberAnniversary of Akyem Nation and thanksgiving for the harvest.
39Sasabobirim Brong AhafoAwuah DomaseAwuah DomaseNovemberCelebrated in remembrance of their brave chief who joined Yaa Asantewaa to fight the Europeans in the early part of the 20th century.
40Agumatsa VoltaWliEwesNovemberCelebrated to give thanks to God for giving them the Wli Waterfalls
41AgbamevozaVoltaAgotime EwesAugustTo celebrate the introduction of the art of Kente weaving to present-day Ghana
42ApenortoVoltaMepeEwesAugustIt is a colourful festival where during the durbar of chiefs, the people put on their best of regalia for general merry-making.
43FordjourBrong AhafoWenchiAugust and SeptemberYam festival
44Odunkwaa  AshantiAbakrampaAsantesEast Mondayit involves the fencing of the Odum Tree which is regarded as sacred, and believed to have protected the people from attacks during their war
45Boaram Upper eastBongoTalensisOctober /NovemberIts significance is to give thanks to the gods for a good season
46Klovo Sikplemi SomanyaSomanyaNovemberits significance is paying of homage to ancestral home on the Krobo Mountains.
47GlimetotozaVoltaAdakluEwesNovemberTo commemorate their exodus from Notsie in present-day Northern Togo to their present abode.
48Keta SometutuzaVoltaAgbozumeEwesNovemberIt involves Chiefs pay homage to their paramount chief and renew their allegiance
49AyimagonuVoltaDofor AdidomeEwesNovemberIt invoves a grand durbar of chiefs where the chiefs sit in state to receive homage from their subjects
50WillaUpper EastTakpoAprilthis festival is to thank the ancestral shrine 'Will' for guidance and protection and also to ask for continued blessing from the shrine and God Almighty.
51KuureUpper EastZaareZaareJanuary/FebruarySymbolizes the ""Kuure"" which is the Gurune word for hoe. The hoe is their main tool for farming and for that matter, livelihood.
52SamanpiidUpper eastBawkuKusasisNovember/Decemberits significance is to give thanks to the gods for good harvest
53Fievie Kpor LegbazaVoltaFievie - DugameEwesBi-annual in MarchCelebration with procession of chiefs.
54Ghana Paragliding & Hang GlidingEasternKwahu-AtibieKwahuMarch/AprilPart of the Easter celebration in the area
55FofieBrong AhafoNchiraaNchiraaOctober Yam festival
56Mmoa Nni NkoAshantiOffinsoAsantesOctoberA colourful durbar of chiefs accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing amid merry making and funfair and firing of musketry.