Libya Tripoli’s government to step down


One of the two rival governments in Libya has announced that it is stepping down.

This comes less than a week after the arrival in Tripoli of a UN-backed national unity government.

The Tripoli-based Islamist administration says it is standing down to prevent further bloodshed.

Since 2014, Libya has had two competing administrations, the one in Tripoli backed by powerful militias and the other in the port city of Tobruk.

However, the Tobruk-based administration still opposes the UN-backed body.

The UN-brokered unity government is now operating from the city’s naval base as it strives to restore peace in a country ravaged by factional conflict.

Western countries want the unity government to unite as many factions in Libya as possible against an increasingly powerful affiliate of the group known as Islamic State.

Source: BBC

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