Legon students angry over Ghc100 ‘dumsor levy’

As part of solutions to counter the ongoing power crisis in the country, students of the University of Ghana, Legon, have been levied an amount of Ghc100.00.

The amount is to enable authorities of the university acquire plants for the various halls of residence.

The levy has come about following the worsening power crisis in the country. All students, except non-residents, are required to pay the money.

As a punishment, persons who fail to make the payment will not be able to register for their courses. However, the students say the decision is ill-timed and unfair as some halls already have power plants.

“The purpose of the levy is to buy the plant, but we already have the plant…so what is the purpose of the levy since some of us do not use the facilities on campus…” some angry students said.

The complaints of the students notwithstanding, the Student Representative Council (SRC) has defended the decision, arguing the move is in the larger interest of students.

SRC President, Joshua Dogbey said the SRC ‘fought hard’ to cause the amount to be reduced from Ghc140.00 to Ghc100.

He continued that the plant would help solve the phenomenon in which some students spend the night studying and sleeping in darkness.

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