Leadership is not by force; Otabil challenges Mahama to fight corruption

Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has challenged President John Mahama to take up the leadership mantle of fighting corruption which is fast eating away Ghana’s institutions.

While Dr. Mensa Otabil appreciates the enormity of the task of leading a country, he was quick to add that “leadership is not by force” and anyone who applies, campaigns and ascends the throne of presidency must be ready to take on the difficult decisions, including the fight against corruption.

Unlike chieftaincy where prospective chiefs are ‘caught’, sometimes against the will of the chiefs, he said for the presidency, “we don’t catch a president; you pay and campaign for it.”

He said the presidency is a hard, tough and lonely place but it is also a choice, one that comes with responsibility.

He was speaking at a forum organised by Occupy Ghana and IMANI Ghana, against the seeming increasing cases of corruption in Ghana.

Dr Otabil was one of four speakers at the forum to speak out against corruption in Ghana. The others were lawyer, Ace Ankomah, investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni, and gender advocate Dr Esi Ansah.

Dr Otabil was convinced that the anti-corruption laws in Ghana do not work.

He said citizens in every country are inherently corrupt. However the only difference between the cases of corruption in Ghana and that in London is that in London the law works and anybody found to be corrupt is dealt with.

But that does not appear to be the case in Ghana, he stated, adding until the law bites; corruption will not be eradicated.

Who applies the law?

Dr Otabil said the one who has ultimate political responsibility must apply the law and fight corruption.

Quoting Ecclesiastes 5:8, the head pastor maintained the fight against corruption must begin from the top, insisting the president has the biggest responsibility to fight the canker.

“You don’t fight corruption by attacking your enemies; you start by cleaning your house,” he noted.

source : myjoyonline.com