Lamudi to host global real estate conference


Global property portal Lamudi is to hold conferences worldwide at the end of November. The focus of the event is to discuss how real estate is changing in the emerging markets.

In Ghana, the event will be held at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday November 26, 2014. A number of individuals that work within the industry will be attending to discuss key issues pertaining to the real estate industry. Notable among them are the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, an expert on lands and another expert on social housing.

Lamudi will be releasing a white paper focusing on the property industry in these markets: how it has changed over the last year, and future predictions for 2015 at the conference. By speaking to top real estate professionals, and surveying developers, brokers, agents, as well as customers, Lamudi has developed a research paper to help people better understand to what extent the real estate market is developing across the world.

Kian Moini, Global Co-Founder and Managing Director at Lamudi, commented on the company’s global event. “After spending the last couple of months working on the white paper, we realised that the best way to share this information with the local countries was through a conference.

“We want to ensure that our knowledge on the future of real estate in the emerging markets educates not just our current clients but future customers too. We are lucky to have the opportunity to be present in over 27 countries worldwide, which means we have a great deal of local market knowledge. For us, it is important to share this with stakeholders globally.”

Managing Director of Lamudi Ghana, Akua Nyame-Mensah, spoke about the importance of networking and sharing data. “Our mandate is to provide a platform for information in the best way possible to transform the real estate industry.

“We look forward to welcoming all stakeholders at the conference and believe the only way we can take the industry to the next level is providing opportunities like these to network and share best practices and information.”

The conference will be held over the last week of November across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, with speakers from some of the top real estate agencies and firms in the regions.

source : Lamudi