Ladies! What To Wear When He’s Coming Around


As much as we love to dress ourselves up when going out with “Him”, we should also do the same when he is coming to your house.

You do not want that ugly worn out shirt and matching pants  to take away his excitement of seeing you.

Finding time to dress up for him even in your house sends a lovely message that says “I’m going out of my way to do something just for you, that will make you feel special, loved and appreciated”.

He might say you look good in everything that you wear but secretly praying you throw that away. So you


Here are some simple self grooming tips to look attractive and catchy on a home date with him-


Give yourself time to be ready. This avoids having to rush around at the last minute and gives you time to relax before he arrives. plan what you will wear, the perfect body mist to use, bathe with a nice scented soap, brush your teeth, shave or wax and put on some lip gloss.


Simple Sexy dresses – wear something simple but catchy that will earn a compliment both verbally and action-wise .Its a perfect time to wear that body-con dress you cant take out because its too short but superb to wear in the house.



Wear colors that goes well with your skin tone.

If he’s coming around in the evening, Get some cute, girly hipsters in a nice color, and throw on his favorite sleeping shirt or T shirt while you’re just lounging around the house. There’s nothing more sexier than seeing your girl wearing your shirt.



Jeans/shorts and t-shirts/tank top- This is simple and put together. Wear jeans that are not too tight nor too baggy, it should shape up your body figure perfectly.


Pretty Undies- Its not a day to throw on your grandma panties, doll up and wear a nice lingerie or some lacy bra and panties in case things go *coughing* en route to lala land.



Dinner at home- Dress up like you are going out for dinner except excluding a clutch or a bag. Opt for body hugging outfits to make the night memorable.Wearing a pencil skirt with a decent crop top is simple but classy, pair it with a pair of nude or black heels.



Source: fashionghana