Labour strike must continue – TUC

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has cited government’s “lackadaisical attitude” to workers’ concerns regarding their second tier pension scheme as the cause of an indefinite strike declared by unionised workers in Ghana.

In a press statement issued Thursday, the umbrella organisation for trade union activities in the country said it fully supports the workers action since it will bring an end to interference by government in activities of the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), the legal authority mandated to regulate pensions.

The statement signed by its General Secretary, Kofi Asamoah, also stated government must withdraw “attempts to impose Pensions Trust Alliance as a corporate trustee to manage the second tier pension funds for public sector workers” — a stance unionised workers have held since 2012. More than 10 labour unions declared an indefinite strike on Tuesday demanding that government allows them to manage the tier two of their pension scheme.

The unions, including the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), the Ghana Physician Assistants Association (GPAA), the Ghana Pharmacists Association (GHOPSA), the Health Service Workers Union (HSWU) and the Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists (GRCRA), said they will only back down from their strike unless government releases funds accrued from their second tier pension scheme.

The second tier pension scheme is a mandatory and it is aimed at providing workers higher lump sum benefits than previously available under the Social Security And National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

Although it is expected to be managed privately, the striking workers maintain government must not single-handedly select a company to manage the funds.

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