Kwesi Pratt: Africans should be happy about Mugabe’s AU appointment

A member of the Socialist Forum, Kwesi Pratt has said Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe is perfectly eligible and qualified to chair the African Union (AU).

The 90- year -old leader will replace Mauritania’s Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz but concerns about how the West, which is not in favour of his long stay in office will deal with the AU during his term of office.

Commenting on these concerns on Eyewitness News, Kwesi Pratt dismissed those assertions, saying: “who says that Mugabe is a dictator. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America has killed thousands of people around the world with many strikes. Did he consult his people? Did he go to congress? So what makes Mugabe a dictator…” he asked.

“Mugabe is …eminently qualified to chair the AU like any other African head of state is qualified to chair the AU,” he added.

The ace broadcaster also pointed out that concerns about his age were unnecessary, saying “… The Queen of England is much older than Mugabe. The Queen of England has been on the throne for much longer than Mugabe, why are we not discussing that?”

He noted that Africans should be elated about Mugabe’s appointment as the Head of the AU since he and other African leaders had fought for the continent’s independence.

“…You also have to understand that Mugabe is an African hero. He is one of the pioneers of African liberation along with Nelson Mandela, … along with Kwame Nkrumah … these are the heroes of Africa whether you like it or not and indeed what Mugabe stands for is very very popular in Southern and Eastern Africa”

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