Kweku Ananse and The Mouthless Wife

Once upon a time, Kweku Ananse and his wife Aso decided to make a farm. They weeded day and night and cleared the farm. They started planting their crops and soon the yams and plantain they’ve planted yielded in manifolds.

Ananse wanted all for himself because of his greediness, so He decided to pay a courtesy call to Almighty God. He got up the next morning and got ready for the courtesy visit.

He met Almighty God and started to have an interaction with Him. After a while of interaction, Ananse made his request known to Almighty God that he’s dissatisfied with his wife and that Almighty God should create for him a new wife.

So God was amazed and asked Ananse, “but your wife, Aso, is very faithful, hardworking and humble, so why do you want to get rid of her?

Ananse answered and said, “My wife, Aso, quarrels too much with me and for that reason, I want a woman without a mouth so we don’t quarrel and she doesn’t talk back to me when I talk”. In reality Ananse just wanted a woman without a mouth so she doesn’t share the yam and plantain with anyone.

So God adhered to him and asked him to go home and bring his wife Aso for an exchange of what He requested for. Ananse departed happily since his requested was listened in good fate.

So early morning the following day, Ananse lied to his wife that they are embarking on a journey to a distant town, so she packed all the belonging of his wife and off they went.

He took the wife to where He met God to have to discussions with and God been true to His words gave Ananse a new wife without a mouth.

Ananse was so excited about the new beautiful lady he’s been given because she had no mouth. The next morning after he had eaten his food, he told his wife to prepare some yam for him in the evening because he was going to the farm.

In the evening, Ananse returned home with more yam and plantain and food was also ready as he told his new wife. As the days went by Ananse realized the rate at which the food stuffs were getting finished was soo fast, so she confronted his wife, but his wife couldn’t speak because she had no mouth.

Ananse took a plan to hide and find the person who has been stealing the food stuffs. So one morning, he told his wife he is leaving to the farm, but he didn’t go and went to hide behind the windows just to catch the thief  stealing his foodstuffs.

Soon, the new wife without a mouth took many of the foodstuffs and starting cooking them. Ananse was surprised because he thought the wife was cheating on him with another man. When the food was ready, she set ananse’s portion aside and took greater part of the prepared food.

She then sat, opened her armpit and began to put the food there. Ananse was dumbfounded that the wife had a mouth and it was at her armpit. She angrily went into the room and shouted at her to stop. He felt so cheated that He went back to God to ask for her first wife back.

This is why it is said that “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”