Kunta Kinte’s ill-health saddened me for 4 years – Okyeame Kwame


The two brothers, Bradez hit the limelight when they released One Gallon in 2005. They then inched their way further into the hearts of music lovers when they followed it with Simple in 2009.

But before Simple could hit the market, one half of the Bradez duo, Kunta Kinte, suffered a stroke at the age of 21 and found himself bedridden. This caused shock in the entertainment industry and among family and friends.

In an exclusive interview with Livefmghana.com, big brother of the music duo, Okyeame Kwame aka the Rap Doctor opened up about how his brother’s ill health affected him.

According to the Small Small rapper, it was very devastating and heartbreaking.

“I felt sad throughout the four years of his sickness. This was a guy who was healthy, intelligent, hardworking and had a bright future so seeing him reduced to nothing was really sad.”

However, the family did not lose hope; they stayed together and kept praying for his recovery.

“We did not rest, it strengthened our faith in God and we prayed fervently. You know, there are good and bad sides to everything. In as much as I felt sad, it brought the family together,” he said.

Okyeame Kwame who recently celebrated the birthday of his son admitted that he questioned his object of worship.

“Honestly, it was not easy for me, among other things, I questioned God severally but I realize that God is the master planner.”

Okyeame Kwame is very grateful to God, his mother, brothers, family and a host of others who supported his brother during his trying times.

“I am grateful to everybody who played a role in one way or the other to see my brother back on his feet. God bless them all,” he added.


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