Kuffour rips into ‘disgraceful’ fans

Former Black Stars defender and SuperSport’s Afcon pundit Sammy Kuffour has blasted the indignity of Thursday’s Afcon semi.

Ghana qualified for the final of the ongoing African Cup but it happened under acrimonious circumstances as a 34 minute delay marred the spectacle.

From the moment Kwesi Appiah was felled in the hosts’ box for a penalty to be awarded, Equatorial Guinean fans pelted officials, security men and Ghana players with missiles until late in the game.

“This was very disgraceful to the entire continent, what are we trying to tell our children in future? The whole world is watching the game and to me it’s a shame what the people of Equatorial Guinea did,” Kuffour said on SuperSport’s presentation watched by millions across the continent.

Ghana had flown into a 3-0 in the second half when the half-hearted missiles being hurled earlier turned into full scale antagonism. Tear gas followed, as a chopper encircled the stadium overhead to dissuade angry fans from causing further harm.

“Equatorial Guinea have to face the fact that they are just not good enough. They desperately want to be in the final but the quality of the players that you have, you are not going to get there, and you go and do this, It’s a big shame and disgrace to Africa,” the former Black Star went on.

Ghanaian supporters were shown on live TV scrambling for their lives as irate fans turned their anger on them. Later, supersport.com witnessed several injuries to fans who had been flown in by the government of Ghana to cheer the team.

“My concern is about the people who are there as Ghanaians to support our team, they are all in danger now and we don’t even know what is happening outside the stadium.

“It’s a big disgrace and CAF have to punish them severely,” Kuffour added.

source : supersport.com