Korle Bu nurses join calls for CEO’s dismissal

9968314234529_2252117224968Pressure is mounting on the Chief Executive Officer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as nurses and midwives join agitations for his dismissal.

The senior staff of the hospital earlier this month passed a vote of no confidence in Mr Gilbert Buckle for poorly managing the nation’s biggest referral hospital.

The nurses and midwives have written a letter to the Health Ministry and copied the presidency demanding the dismissal of the Korle Bu CEO.

The nurses claimed they lack logistics to work with and sometimes they have to risk their lives taking care of patients because the right tools to protect themselves are not there.

The nurses also said they are understaffed due to what they call massive resignation.

They are also not happy that nurses have to pay for their own medical bills and drugs when they fall ill.

They also complained of intimidation when anyone tries to complain. The nurses said some of them are bitter and it is affecting their service delivery.

Whilst they want allegations raised about the running of the hospital investigated, they are also demanding a change in the leadership of management.

Meanwhile, President of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association, Kwaku Asante Krobea said even though he has been informed about the relationship between the nurses and the CEO, facts available to him do not provide “enough ground to ask for the dismissal of the CEO”.

He said he would be at Korle Bu tomorrow to ascertain the actual problems the nurses are going through.

Senior Staff Association President Charles Offei Palm told Joy News 89% of members believe the CEO is not performing.

He reiterated that the hospital lacked basic consumables such as soup to work with.

He said he has met with the CEO on several occasions but Mr. Gilbert Buckle only pays lip service to their demands.

He was certain dismissal of the CEO would solve the problem, adding that the problem is not with the system. “A good leader will always understand the system,” he said.

source: myjoyonline.com

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