Kojo Antwi discloses why he released a single instead of an album


Gone are the days when it’s more or less the norm for a musician to release an album.

Well, now, releasing a full album is not that forthcoming, releasing singles is now the new ‘ishh’ among musicians.

Legendary hilife musician, Kojo Antwi released a new tune some few weeks ago titled, Nyoo, and he was on GHONE TV and he revealed that he had to adjust to the single generation and that was why he released a new single instead of an album.

“I’ve to adjust myself to the single generation. Albums allow us to express the ballads and more.

I’ve to release a single because I now belong to the single generation but it’s not like I won’t release an album, the album is ready but that will be after the elections.” Kojo Antwi right there as to why he decided to release a single.


Source: Thebigtriceonline