Kofi Annan urges varsities to tackle global peace challenges


The Chancellor of University of Ghana, and former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has underscored the importance of higher educational institutions to solve the challenges facing global peace and security.

Speaking at a conference by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Kofi Annan outlined the deficit of democratic governance and the erosion of social cohesion as the two major challenges facing global democracy.

Mr. Annan therefore emphasized the need for higher education institutions to address the erosion of social cohesion caused by inequality and intolerance.

He stated that, sustainable democratic societies must be built on three pillars of progress: “peace and security, sustainable development and human rights and rule of law. “Institutions of higher education are vital structures supporting these pillars of progress,” he said.

He further implored educational institutions to foster a stronger understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of democracy and expand access to higher education to all facets of society, since education is the “fundamental building block for healthy democratic society…” Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman, the Minister of Education, also emphasized the need for deeper dialogue between various stakeholders to close the existing gap in education.

She said there is an established disconnect between graduates and the needs of employers, thus the need for dialogue. “We need to close the gap, we need to make it as seamless as we can. Most importantly, we need to interrogate…,” she said.


Source: citifmonline