KMA declares war on illegal billboards


All unauthorized billboards and banners that have been placed along major highways and roundabouts in Kumasi will be dismantled beginning Thursday, September 8, 2016.

The special exercise is being undertaken by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to help rid the city of illegal billboards and banners to prevent vehicular accidents.

People that have illegally erected huge billboards and hoisted banners along Kumasi roads and roundabouts, which obstruct drivers’ view and lead to accidents, have therefore been advised to remove them in their own interest.

Godwin Okumah Nyame, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the assembly, stated emphatically that all illegal billboard, poster or banner would be dismantled by the assembly during the special operation.

“The positioning of these huge billboards and banners do not only contribute to the environmental challenges in the city, but obstruct the view of drivers and could lead to road accidents,” he declared.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, Mr Okumah Nyame stated that the bye-laws of the KMA enjoin advertisers to obtain permits from the assembly before erecting billboards and hoisting banners in the city.

He disclosed that the advertisers had flouted the directive from the assembly to create problems for road users, motorists and other people in the city.

Mr. Okumah Nyame charged the offenders to remove their property before the KMA taskforce starts work next week.


Source: DailyguideAfrica