Kick Against Condom Use, Abortion And Others…Catholic Bishops Tell Gov’t

The Ghana Catholic Bishops have appealed to government to kick against artificial means of birth control such as the use of condoms, abortion, sterilization and vasectomies.

The Catholic Priesthood strongly held that such mechanisms promote the culture of death that has come to Africa in the form of a population control measures imposed on us by multi-national organizations.

It is therefore against the moral teachings of the scriptures that anything that hinders on procreation must be disregarded, the Bishops stated.

According to the Catholic Bishops, the blatant disregard for family values and the dignity and sanctity of life in the modern world must be dismissed with the contempt it deserve.

Bishop Anthony Adanuty, Bishop of Keta-Akatsi and President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference indicated that life is therefore God’s gift and it begins at conception.

He therefore said it is the duty of every nation, man and woman to respect, protect, and uphold the dignity of every human life from the point of birth until its natural death.

Most Reverend Joseph Afrifah-Agyekum, Bishop of Koforidua and Bishop responsible for Health at the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference stated that Africa and especially Ghana must practice natural family planning.

According to him, there is no doubt that today, we have in Africa well-funded foreign abortion lobbyists who are tirelessly pushing African governments for the legalization of abortion and other legislations that militate against life.

He said this at the launch of the Pro-Life Conference coming up in August 7-8 2015 in Accra under the theme, “Protecting Life and Family Values in the Continuing Culture of Death.”

Most Reverend Joseph Afrifah-Agyekum added that at their 2014 Annual November Plenary Assembly in Accra, they discussed the outcomes of the Synod in Rome and other issues relating to the sanctity and dignity of life.

Bishop said recounting the findings of their research of various activities promoting the culture of death, it became evident to them that governments in Africa and Ghana are being heavily pressured by external donor organizations and countries to push the agenda of pro-choice and sexual revolution on the continent.

“It also became clear to us that in some hospitals, schools, villages, and towns in Ghana, some international pro-choice agencies currently present in our country are pursuing “culture of death” through the promotion of the use of condoms, the practice of abortion, the sale of ova and semen and homosexuality, under the guise of sexually and reproductive health rights,” he stated.

“To our disbelief,” he said, have discovered that Ghana delegates at the international meetings at the United Nations are beginning to speak a different language different from the rest of Africa in terms of issues of life.

According to him, at the World Leaders’ Consultation meeting in March 2014 in New York, Ghana delegates signed a declaration on safe legal abortion when almost all African countries kicked against it.

He added that it is time for the churches in Ghana to speak out in defence for life and family values in an effort to stem the tide of the emerging culture of death.

He indicated that the upcoming conference is expected to incorporate our governments, leaders and people in the project of rebuilding up an authentic culture of life in Ghana.