Keys to a perfect date


The word “date” is enough to strike equal amounts of fear and excitement into the heart of any man or woman.

Though making a good impression is important, it’s also important to relax and have a good time. It might seem difficult to strike a balance between the two, but it is possible.

While there is no guarantee that a date will be flawless, being prepared can help things to go smoothly.

For the Guys

Let your date know where you will be going so she can dress appropriately. If you want to keep it a surprise, at least drop her a clue as to what to wear.

Avoid the phrase “wear something sexy” at all costs. It might come off as sleazy.

Bathe and groom yourself accordingly. This might be a no-brainer, but don’t overlook the importance of using soap, shaving and styling your hair.

Compliment her on how beautiful she looks. A woman goes through great pains to prepare for a date, so make sure her efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Also, be a gentleman. Offer your arm when stepping over a curb, open doors for her, lead her around potholes and other such chivalrous acts.

Always wait until she’s safely inside her house at the end of the night. Women appreciate a considerate man.

For the Girls

Bring along extra money. An old-fashioned gentleman will want to pay for the date, but it is becoming increasingly common to split the bill.

Furthermore, if something unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared.

Wear comfortable shoes. 

It may be tempting to break out a cute pair of new heels, but if your time together involves a lot of walking or lasts longer than you thought it would, your feet will be howling later.

Avoid asking too many questions about how much he makes, the kind of car he drives, the size of his house, and similar trivial questions. You may come off as being superficial.

Guys and Girls

Show up on time, especially on a first date. Show your date that you value her time. Avoid discussing personal topics, such as money issues and troublesome family members, early on.

Be sure to ask your date about herself and avoid talking about yourself the entire time.

Also, try asking original questions aside from the usual “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?”

Think up more interesting questions, such as, “What is one hobby you love that you would consider odd or untraditional?”

Have a Blast

Relax, be yourself and have fun. After all, he’s there to get to know the real you and to have a nice time in the process.

Even if the date isn’t going perfectly, find a way to make the time worthwhile.

Armed with a positive attitude, a great outfit, comfortable shoes and killer ice breaker questions, you’ll feel all the more confident about your date.


By: Tiffany Ameh

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