Kente style inspirations

The era when Kente clothe was reserved for the rich, famous and noble class is gradually giving way; allowing persons who dream of relishing the highly cherished royal status to have a taste of it.

The royalty of this culturally popular Kente is becoming increasingly patronized for all manner of events.

Despite the fact that it is expensive and reserved for very special occasions, it is fast becoming a MUST have for the modern day fashion enthusiast.

Kente is mostly acquired in full clothe piece for purely cultural events such as wedding, engagement, child naming ceremony, chief installation, festivals, among others for those who can afford it.

Thankfully, variants of the highly priced clothe has been made available at lighter textures, smaller pieces, accessories or even tailored clothing pieces at affordable prices for those who may not be able to afford the durable forms or full piece.

The craze for this rich and colourful fabric has inspired designers to cut out stylish, fun and easy to fit for the everyday person.

But whichever way one looks at it, the rich essence of Kente and the craze for its aesthetic value for the modern day fashion lover wins.


Source: asempanews