Kafui Danku’s ‘Happy Deathday’ premieres, receives warm reception

Although actress cum producer Kafui Danku’s name is not the default option when it comes to acting and producing movies, the sweet lady is slowly yet steadily carving a niche for herself regarding quality productions.

Whiles watching the premiere of her latest productions at the Silverbird cinema, Accra mall in the company of other movie enthusiast, it became apparent per the reaction of viewers that the production caught on well with the people.

‘Happy Deathday’ , mimicking the usual happy birthday message offered to celebrants is about a vice president’s only child whose friends decide to throw him a surprise birthday bash for him but not before ponding him. In a twisted fate of events, the four friends end up killing, oh sorry putting the birthday boy in a coma.

Unknown to the 4 friends, their birthday boy was not dead but in unstable condition whereupon the film takes viewers on a trip to various drop spots before an agreement was reached to bury Umar Karim the birthday boy in a forest.

In the end, it was only a dream, whereupon the viewers shouted: “what kind of dream is that”. Perhaps the ending could have been constructed differently but the audience could not get enough of the comic expressions and deeds in the movie, they kept on laughing indicating that they were having a jolly good time.

It has to be said that Kobi Rana did an impressive job directing the movie, the poolside scenes involving hot dripping damsels and contoured men is gripping so are the shots involving the birthday boy in the casket. Locations are aptly chosen depicting plush residences and lush green scenes.

Panning shots especially the scene where birthday boy urges his lover not to commit suicide capturing overhead layout of the road and homes is testament to Kobi Rana’s growth as a director. The movie also scores high in the make-up department, making the chicks look even more beautiful. Uses of flashbacks are neatly done.

Elikem de Taylor digs deep to portray his character, a stubborn cocaine snorting youth who loves to face issues head on with little consideration for self-doubt or regrets. James Gardiner does well with his portrayal of a drinking addict. Kafui herself, the girlfriend of the comatose guy does not disappoint in capturing the essence of her role.

Stonebwoy does not fare badly; Nana Ama McBrown provides a different twist to her acting abilities when she dresses as a tomboy in hip-hop attires in addition to riding a bike.

Well, when you are called ‘Toosweet’, a lot must be expected from, and the young chap delivers nicely.

This is another quality product from the stables of ABC Pictures. Feast on some of the photos from the event here!

credit : Michael Eli Dokosi