Jon Germain proposes to girlfriend on Val’s Day

Ghanaian musician, radio and television personality, Jon Germain is inching closer to finally settling down with the love of his life.

About two months after revealed that  he is dating, the musician has taken things a step further by proposing his girlfriend, Nadia Jeong.

Jon popped the all-important question via his Instagram page on Saturday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day, celebrated the world over as a day for love.

The charismatic entertainer confirmed to in December 2014 that he and Nadia, who is half-Korean-half-Ghanaian, have been dating for the past two years and are deeply in love.

Jon posted a gorgeous photograph of his girlfriend with the caption, “NADIA Life has been more than I dreamt of from the day I met you.. you are my dream come true.. it’s been almost 3 years.. you have made me a very happy man.. I never thought anyone could love me this much. and I love them this much…. I really can’t think of anyone I will love to spend the rest of my life with.. PLEASE WILL YOU DO ME THE HONOR OF BEING MY WIFE.”

This sent his Instagram page buzzing with some fans urging Nadia to say yes.

Nadia, who was surprised by the proposal, responded: “Oh My God… Jon…????????. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I love u baby…”

Attempts by to get Jon to disclose when his fans will be hearing their wedding bells proved futile.

Nadia Jeong co-owns a production company that specializes in wedding documentaries and wedding photography.

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