ISD Boss must resign – NDC’s Namoale


The Member of Parliament for Dadekotopon constituency, Nii Amasah Namoale has called on the Acting Director of the Information Services Department who allowed the error-ridden brochure to feature at the Independence Day celebration to resign.

According to Mr Namoale, the incident is an embarrassment on the country, and thus no amount of apology by the boss of the ISD will salvage the situation.

“I’m not happy. I’m highly embarrassed as a Ghanaian. I’m highly embarrassed as a member of government.

“He can choose to resign for the embarrassment he has caused himself; the embarrassment he has caused the presidency; the embarrassment he has caused to Ghana. If I were him, I would resign. But if he chooses not to resign, he should not be the acting director of the Information Services Department; he must be reassigned,” the Member of Parliament for Dadekotopon constituency said on Accra-based Citi FM.

The official brochure distributed to the Kenyan President and his colleague from Guinea Bissau and their wives, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and many other senior dignitaries from Ghana, was froth with so many mistakes.

The errors ranged from  the wrongful designation of Uhuru Kenyatta as Ghana’s President to errors in grammar and spelling.

Many Ghanaians have expressed anger at the incident, adding that it is an embarrassment and a dent on the country’s image.

Workers at the ISD on Tuesday denied being the authors of the brochure, and wondered why their Director should take blame.

But responding to the issue in an interaction with staff of ISD, the Acting Director said he issued a statement on behalf of the ISD because the department is the PR machinery of government.

“ISD is the PR of government. And indeed if there was a communication problem Where else do you start the damage control if not the PR department.

“I took the decision as the chairman to the communications sub-committee and in my capacity as the acting director of the information service department to put out a statement. I did put out the statement and I sent to my superiors to have a look at the statement and I impressed upon them that as the PR arm of government, the damage control begins with me,” he added.

He however revealed that the Communications Bureau of the Presidency approved the error-ridden Independence Day brochure for publication.


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