Investment bankers call for measures to check possible terrorism funding


Some investment bankers are calling for structures to be put in place to ensure Ghana does not encourage any form of money laundering to fund terrorism.

Recent terrorist attacks in Cote D’Ivoire have posed a threat to Ghana – compelling the IMF to postpone its review mission in this country.

Group CEO of Databank, Kojo Addae- Mensah tells Joy Business investment bankers should ensure their operations are improved to help track and discourage terrorist funding.

Mr. KojoAddae-Mensah spoke to Joy Business at the Databank Leadership Series where high quality education was highlighted as important for good leadership. The discussions stressed the need for a paradigm shift from the rote-learning approach to include hands-on skills and projects. The group believes this crucial for the country’s economic development.

The Databank Group also organized an Investment Summit to emphasize the need for Ghanaian entrepreneurs to acquire more investment knowledge so they could invest well to grow their businesses.

Group CEO, Kojo Addae- Mensahasserted this would help businesses expand and develop to meet international standards.

Many have stressed the need for local businesses to adopt a global outlook in conducting their businesses.

The Group and other stakeholders were confident more education in investment would lead to massive growth in Ghana’s private sector.



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