Interior Minister must resign or be sacked – Minority pushes

woyongoThe NPP Minority in Parliament is pushing for the Interior Minister to either resign or be sacked for justifying the political violence that characterised the Talensi by-election.

Police investigations have identified a number of vigilante groups they accused of being behind the violence. They include the NDC-affiliated Azorka Boys and the Invincible Forces and the Bolga Bulldogs of the NPP.

Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo stirred controversy with comments he made on a Kumasi-based radio station, Ultimate FM.

“Violence begets violence; the Azorka Boys would not mete out violence if they were not provoked. The other side also brought in some people; the invisible forces and the Bolga Bull Dogs, so violence begets violence,” he stated.

Mr. Woyongo has since sought to clarify his comments, explaining on Accra-based Radio Gold he did not intend to justify the violence.

But the Minority MPs have rejected his explanations and are now putting pressure on President Mahama to sack his Interior Minister over the comments.

Deputy Minority Leader, Dominic Nitiwul told Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story an average Ghanaian would be “angry and disappointed” in the minister for justifying political vigilantism.

He said Mr. Woyongo goofed and he is convinced the minister himself would be disappointed in himself upon sober reflection.

“He should tell us why he should be there. I believe sincerely that he has goofed big time. If the Interior Minister is not able to proffer proper explanation to the people of Ghana, it is right [to resign], if he doesn’t move, the president must remove him; it is as simple as that; if he has no excuse he has to go.”

Mr. Nitiwul also challenged the minister to “act and get the police to act” by getting persons behind the Talensi violence as well as other political violent activities arrested and prosecuted.

“Until he does that, I think he meant what he said,” the Deputy Minority Leader stressed.

Earlier in the morning, security expert formerly with the Peace Council, Emmanuel Sowatey called for the Minister’s resignation unless he eats  humble pie.

General Secretary of the People’s National Convention Bernard Mornah told Top Story the minister’s comments were “irresponsible”.

He said the activities of these vigilante groups smack of indiscipline, serve as breeding grounds for terrorism and perpetuate barbarism.

He reiterated his longheld view that such groups should be disbanded.