I’m outspoken not too known – Reggie Rockson


Contrary to the perception that hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone, is controversial and is always poking his nose into people’s affairs and ‘too known’, the VVIP member has rubbished such rumours.

Speaking with Showbiz last Friday, Reggie said his outspokenness makes him newsworthy, “Me being a rapper, I talk for a living. I wasn’t raised to be meek but to express myself. In Ghana, when you are outspoken, you are tagged as too-known,” he said.

In recent times, Reggie seems to have stepped on the toes of some of his colleagues over certain utterances he is alleged to have made.

Buddy Roro recently said that Reggie was getting on his nerves because of a comment the latter made after Roro had criticised Hiplife artistes, Kontihene and Tic Tac.

“That was a clear case of miscommunication. In these days of social media, people sometimes take issues out of context but Roro and I have settled everything now and we are very cool, we might even be doing something together soon,” he said.

In the case of Promzy, the former member of VIP whom people were saying left the group because Reggie kicked him out, Reggie finds that very ridiculous because there was no way he (Reggie) could have kicked Promxy out just so he could become a member of the group.

“There is ample proof that the guy left the group before I joined, I think it is very disrespectful to me and even to Promzy himself for people to say that I kicked him out of the group because I couldn’t have.

“It was all over the news and the media as usual jumped in and blew it up but with time, it all went away, “he explained.

Then there was this issue with Quophi Okyeame and Reggie after Sarkodie performed at the Appollo. “Quophi Okyeame came out to say that Sarkodie was not the first to perform there and I just said so what? There was also back and forth of this issue till that also eventually died out.”

In all of these, Reggie believes that it is more of him being outspoken than controversial because as far as he is concerned, he is far from controversial.

“I have a very huge following on social media and I am very interactive so I think the bloggers find me newsworthy. My personality is interesting to them and it is newsworthy. I instigate news but I don’t do that deliberately. I am not disrespectful because I exhibit humility at all times, my outspokenness and level of intelligence defines me.”

Reggie gave an instance when the issue of who originated Hiplife came about, “I just had to set the records straight for generations unborn to know the truth because history should not be distorted,” he said.

Touching on VVIP, Reggie said they are doing great and their current single Alhaji is doing very well, “my joining the group started off as a joke but here we are doing great, overall, I have been an inspiration to a whole generation and continue to be,” he stressed.

Being an election year, Reggie urged Ghanaians to cherish the peace we have in the country and not take it for granted as loose talk might put the country in chaos.

He said people should not have a problem with celebrities who openly declare their support for political parties. “I applaud John Dumelo and Kwabena Kwabena because they believe in different parties but they are not fighting and that is how it is supposed to be,” he said


Source: livefmghana