I wrote Becca’s song ‘Hw3’ to prove a point – Okyeame Quophi


Erstwhile member of hip life fame ‘Akyeame’, Okyeame Quophi, now Pastor, has said his calling as a ‘Man of God’ does not make him the holiest.

Recounting his encounter with God and his mission of reaching out to the youth on the need for righteousness, Pastor Quophi told Giovanni and Anita Erskine on Starr Drive, he has not quit the works of his hands and that he is the brain behind Becca’s song “Hw3”.

Asked whether he was going to switch to full time ministry, Pastor Quophi said: “I’m an evangelist called for the world, I minister to the world everywhere I go and it doesn’t mean because of the calling I’m going to hit the reset button of my life and begin to live a new holier than thou life.

“… My calling is different to my understanding, I hear the voice of God and God speaks to me every day and I know what the demands are on my life, what I’m supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do… remember Becca’s song ‘Hw3’, I wrote that song and I did it to prove a point to a lot of people, God is not trying to box you, God is trying to let you live your life but live a life on the path of righteousness”.

He further stated that it has been amazing since his encounter with God in 2012.

“I am now going gospel, but not the typical Ghanaian gospel song … more inspirational,” Quophi noted.


Source: starrfmonline