I won’t publicly support any political party – E.L.


E.L won’t publicly disclose the political party he supports.

He tells A.J Sarpong on The Zone on Starr FM, even though he knows the party he will vote for during the upcoming General Elections, he won’t “choose sides publicly.”

The ‘Kaa Bu Ame’ rapper was speaking to the issue of whether he would endorse a political party like some colleagues in the creative arts and entertainment industry have done.

“Like I said before I will do it… if the incentive is right. It’s not even about just the money, it’s about what the result is and what the outcome is. And if I’m convinced beyond reasonable doubt which is a hard thing to do.

That, this is what the outcome is going to be and I can see it happening I will do it. But now, at this point that I’m speaking to you I’m very non-partisan. I’m not interested. I know whom I’m going to vote for but I’m not going to choose sides publicly,” he said.

“Like I said it’s your thing, what you eat doesn’t make me go to the loo. Do thing chale. Everybody has a reason why they do it.”

His album Best African Rapper (BAR) 3 album was launched last week Friday at the Kristal Night Club.

The 16-track album features a tall list of artistes including Edem, Khuli Chana, M.I, Worlasi, Joey B and Adomaa.


Source: livefmghana