I won’t be distracted by “useless insults” – Mahama

96657802.295President John Mahama has asked critics to stop the insults and resort to constructive criticism adding that he won’t be distracted by “useless insults”.

Speaking at a rally at the Trade Fair Centre as part of his ‘changing lives, transforming Ghana’ tour of the Greater Accra region Monday, President Mahama said he has been the most insulted president in Ghana’s history.

“Stop the insults,” Mahama said adding “I have been the most insulted, and I think my government has been the most insulted in the history of this county.”

“And every day when you listen to the radio, personal invectives and insults are rained on my person, but like I said, those things are not going to distract me…I have a job to do. I was given a mandate by the people of Ghana and I’m not going to let those useless insults distract me from that mandate”.

President Mahama added that he is, however, not surprised by insults from members of the NPP because of the way they treat their own former President John Kufuor.

source: ghanaweb.com

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