John Mahama to FIRE the Power Minister in 27 Day’s time

H.E. John Dramani Mahama will dismiss the Power Minister, Dr Kwabena Donkor in 27 days’ time (ie January 2016) if the power crisis does not end by 31/12/2015. According to the President, the Minister is already aware he would be fired if he fails to end the power crisis by the close of this year.

Speaking on Uniiq FM, the President said he continuously reminds the power minister of his fate.

I always remind my Power Minister that his head is on the block because he openly declared he would solve the power crisis,” he said.

Ghanaians believe in both the President and the Power Minister to honour their words. A new ministry (for POWER) was created with the main aim to end this power crisis by the end of December 2015.

However, it does appear that the crisis will travel into 2016 as the power outages have intensified. The promises by the President and the Power Minister were UNCONDITIONAL. Accordingly the President would earn the RESPECT of many Ghanaians if he FIRES the Minister in 2016 should he fail to resign.

Let all Ghanaians be in hopeful expectation that our President will act in line with his words.

Kwabena Boateng (
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