I Will Do Full Time Politics After I Stop Football – Agyemang Badu Reveals


Ghana’s midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu is eyeing a career in politics after retiring from football. The footballer in an interview reveals that he is building his capacity and laying the foundation for successful career in politics with his charitable works which is endearing him to many people of his community.

“I will venture into politics 10 years from now when I am done with active football. I want to serve my people; I mean the people of Seikwa. Life is all about using your position to bless people God connects you to. I believe God raised me among the lot to give back to them.”

“I started on a quiet note but looking back I have realized God has placed me in a position to bless my people. Politics affects everything we do; when done on a good note, the leader impacts the people positively.” “I see myself as MP for my area 10 years from now, I am working towards that and I believe it shall come to pass,” said Badu.

”As part of efforts to realize his political dream, the 2009 U-20 World Cup winner has embarked on many charity projects. He recently settled the huge water bills of the people of Seikwa and donated items to orphanages, among others. The midfielder is currently operating a sachet water business (Agyeba Drinking Water), which supplies water to the people of Seikwa and its environs.

“I am currently doing sachet water, it’s doing well because the people have accepted it. I will move to bottle. As soon as some machines arrive, we will hit the ground running,” Badu added.

Badu may be eyeing the MP seat in that community per these revelations. Time will tell


Source: Seancitygh