I will continue to support widows – Miss Ghana USA

55271243.295The 21-year-old Miss Ghana U.S.A 2015, Ivy Akosua Amankwaa Preko has promised to continuously support widows in the country.

Miss. Preko indicated that she has the plight of widows at heart, saying she feels the pain they go through in their daily lives.

“My advise is that they are not alone, most of them I met are old, and I can feel the pain they are going through, the prayer has to keep going, and the support will come, I promise,” she pledged.

She promised to visit widows in Tamale in the Northern Ghana before she returns to the USA.

Miss Ghana USA, who visited widows at Gomoa in the Central and Agogo in the Ashanti Region, encouraged them to stay strong.

“I went to Gomoa and yesterday Tuesday I was at Asante Agogo Presby church I met over 80 widows. My message to them was to stay strong; I know that it’s hard in Ghana, and the world in general,” she said.

She observed that widows need people to lean on, hence, my campaign to support them.

According to her, it was a good experience visiting the widows and disabled foundations at Gomoa, saying they bought them rice, cooking oil and some monies for the women.

“They need attention; it’s difficult for women in general, not Ghana alone. There is nobody to lean on, and I felt like reaching out to them by talking to them, if they need someone to talk to am available, I have to help them, most of them have children, and it’s difficult to take care of them without husbands,” she stated.

She intimated that her grand- mother weathered through the storm before she passed away because there was no husband to support her, saying she wanted to give back to society in Ghana even if she hadn’t won.

‘‘I believe I can possibly help most of them, through conversations I realised that my granny struggled because she didn’t have a husband,’’ she observed.

She maintained that her Ghanaian dressing and walking coupled with her Kente poem recitation did the magic for her to win the pageant.

‘‘At a point I knew I will win, to the end I knew I had it. When I get on the stage am an entirely different person, I dressed and walked like a Ghanaian queen, I recited a poem, and I guess that did the magic,’ she disclosed.

She said passion drives her to compete in pageants than the fame that comes along with the crown.

‘‘I guess it’s just the whole fashion, it’s about the passion,’’ she intimated.

Put on the spot to recite her poem, ‘Me ye fre me kente na me din baako ne sika, menkyire me ho, eye mahoufe ntia …..’she recited.

She expressed appreciation to women and the media for supporting her cause.

Speaking on Ultimate brunch hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor she expressed hope that she makes it to Miss Universe and wins other pageants that she will be competing in.

She further expressed appreciation to God and her family for supporting her.

Miss Ghana USA is not the first pageant she has competed in; the first one was Miss Virginia in 2013, where she was part of the top 10 out of 100 girls. She went on a break and later returned to the pageantry and entered into the Miss Ghana U.S.A and won the crown.

source: ghanaweb.com

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