I regret dating someone’s husband – Cynthia Mccauley


Most entertainment platforms in the country seem to be speaking negative of Ghanaian gospel artistes and certain acts of theirs that don’t gel with the genre they have chosen.

Flex newspaper had an interview with gospel songstress Cynthia McCauley concerning how pundits handle issues relating to gospel artiste anytime they stray.

“I don’t want to condemn anybody because that is not what Christ came to do but like Paul said, some of the things we don’t want to do are the things we are pushed to do sometimes. We should concentrate on what God has given to us and gradually we will overcome them because nobody is a spirit. We all have our strength and weaknesses and besides we are not angels. We all have our shortcomings but gradually with help, we will surely overcome it,” she told Flex newspaper.

“Whenever I hear a gospel artistes going astray, I don’t really get surprised because some are in the ministry as calling whiles others see it as a job they are doing. There are some gospel artistes who are doing it for the love of money and not the calling,” she reiterated.

Cynthia says she being in the gospel ministry for very long time at a young age and one of the things she did that she regrets ever doing was dating a married man.

“Whenever it comes to my mind, there is much pain in my heart because I never wanted to see myself doing that. The man was a choir director who trains me in the same church and one thing led to another. When I realized that it wasn’t right I asked God to have mercy on me and that’s what I ever regretted in my life. Also, I once did an abortion,” she revealed.

When asked if the character of gospel artistes should be taken serious, she said we cannot just overlook the other side of gospel artistes but we shouldn’t paint them as angels. We should allow them do what they want and when they fall, they will ask for mercy from God. It shouldn’t also be their character.

“When we talk about gospel artistes, we shouldn’t talk about them without helping them. When we talk about what they have done, we have to correct them, that is the best,” she concluded


Source: flexghana