I have a lot to offer my listeners – Kwame Adinkra

Kwame Luther King Adinkra, the former host of the morning show on Angel FM, has switched camp to Atinka FM in the nation’s capital to boost up the image of the station.

His move to Atinka FM is a natural step for him, having had a stint at Angel FM, where he was the morning show host for years.

He told BEATWAVES that he joined Atinka FM to change the trend of radio broadcasting in the capital, adding, “I have my own style and I am not here to copy others but to create my own style to meet the demand of my listeners.”

The award-winning morning show host has also mentioned that he has not regretted joining Atinka FM because he believes he has what it takes to rub shoulders with those already on the scene.

Gifted with verbal prowess, Kwame was first heard on Atinka FM on February 9, 2015 when he first took on the mantle of baton in sitting behind the microphone for the morning show.

He has, in the course of his career, developed a rare camaraderie and professional rapport with all stakeholders who appear on the show.

Source : Daily Guide