I answered Roro’s stupidity with a stupid answer – Kontihene

graceHiplife artiste, Kontihene has justified his ‘sharp’ rebuttal to sound engineer, Buddy Roro’s assertion that he and Tic Tac are being lazy artistically.

Abrantepa.com earlier reported that Roro in an interview on Hitz FM mentioned that the prowess of Kontihene and Tic Tac have deteriorated considerably, a reason none of their recent releases can match any song they recorded back in the day.

After the story went viral, Kontihene hit back at Roro describing him as an ungrateful soul. According to the rapper, he has helped Roro in diverse ways yet the latter has failed to appreciate the gestures.

He further indicated that the sound engineer should have counted his mother among the lazy acts because she recorded just an album in her entire music career.

Some have remarked that Kontihene’s statement was below the belt especially when the issue had nothing to do with Roro’s mother.

But speaking on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Friday, the rapper said he answered Roro the way he should be answered. According to him, he will attack whoever attacks him strategically.

“I have built my brand for so many years. If I’m lazy, I’m your brother, call me and share your thoughts. But if you feel you want publicity and come sit on radio… Your mum was a musician, I have 7 albums, she has one so if you’re counting lazy musicians, count her first,” he told host KMJ.

“If you answer a stupid question with a stupid answer, people tag you as arrogant and disrespectful. I won’t sit here and criticise any artiste. You put your hand in my mouth, I bite you and you complain that I have sharp teeth? Let’s respect each other. The fact that I speak calmly doesn’t mean you can take me for a ride in any way. If you attack me, I will attack you strategically,” he added.

Meanwhile, sound engineer, Morris BabyFace has said his brother, Roro and Kontihene are full of mistakes.


Source: Abrantepa