I am not happy with ‘mummy’s boy’ tag – EL


VGMAs artiste of the year winner, EL has been labelled times without number as the ‘mummy’s boy.

According to many, EL mentions the word ‘mum’ in his songs so-so much. Kaakie labeled EL as the mummy’s boy in her diss tune to MzVee.

Even Achipalago aka. Palago Mufasa even blasted EL for mentioning the word ‘mum’ when that beef thing was on.

According to Achipalago, men were fighting i.e. Sarkodie and M.anifest and instead of EL facing them squarely, he has decided to be talking about his mum that mum said this, mum said that, when is he bringing Berla home among others.

Well, EL has responded to people saying he’s not that hardcore boy. According to EL, it seems some Ghanaians just hate him. He added that even the likes of Jay Z, Eminem also pay reverence to their mums in their respective songs and Ghanaians don’t have problem with that. Whenever he also pays reverence to his mum, then people would start labelling him as the mummy’s boy.

He was on Hitz FM with Dr. Pounds and when asked his reaction to people labelling him as the mummy’s boy, he had this to say.

“Hmm, some Ghanaians enn, Jay Z, Eminem among other rappers compose songs for their mum, they pay reverence to their mum in their songs. I do same, and almost everyone is calling me the mummy’s boy, why?

He continued, “Why should it be so, it seems like people just hate me. They don’t see anything wrong about Jay and Eminem doing same, well, I’m not the mummy’s boy, but it’s just that love my mum.”

EL responding to people labelling him as the mummy’s boy.

His Bar III mixtape will be out soon and the concert is in September.


Source: Bigtriceonline