was on duty at the emergency room one day when the ambulance brought a very sick little girl. she was about the age of one. Her symptoms were many. She had distended abdomen, she was as pale as paper and her skin looked so dry I could virtually see creases on them.  From a distance, I could see she was struggling to breathe and she was taking very shallow breaths. The emergency team from the ambulance had already given her a small green naso-gastric tube and a little blue cannula.

Immediately I set my eyes on her, I jumped to my feet. I knew that little girl needed all my attention.  When I got close to her, I asked her,

“How are you darling?”  she replied. “I am fine”, then I asked again

“What is your name?” she replied. “I am fine”. I smiled in amazement and ask my third question

“How old are you?” and then came my reply again “I am fine”

After asking my fourth question and getting the same “I am fine” reply, I realized with much joy that that is all the English the little girl knew “I am fine”. I took care of her and handed her over to the surgeons to be taken to theatre to be operated on because she had intestinal obstruction.

That day, when I completed my shift and came back home, that little girl was on my mind. And then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “if only the only English we believers knew was ‘I AM FINE’. Then, anytime the devil throws obstacles our way the only answer he gets is ‘I AM FINE’. When our finances are down, when our relationships are broken, when our prayer life is on the rocks, when we are not sure of our next meal, when we fail our exams, when we lose our loved ones, we still walk down the streets and smile, and when people ask us how we are doing we look up boldly and say I AM FINE.  We don’t give the devil the chance to laugh but we trust the Lord enough to say I AM FINE.

I later heard that little girl was on the pediatric ward recovering. I didn’t worry about her condition at all or how she will pull through, because I was confident in my heart that she will survive. After all, she could say I AM FINE.


By: Daisy Asiamah

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