I am better than Eno – Ohemaa Dadao


Young and energetic female rapper – Ohemaa Dadao has categorically stated that when it comes to rap, she is far ahead of her competitor, Eno and any other female rapper in the music scene. According to her she fears none of them because they don’t even exist.

“If I say I am better than all them, and Eno is part of them then obviously I’m better than her too”, she said.

Ohemaa Dadao made this revelation on Ghana’s only social media celebrity talk show – Vibes In 5 with Arnold.

Answering the question of why she thinks she is a better rapper than all Ghanaian female rappers, she told host Arnold Mensah Elavanyo that her style is unique. She goes on to add the she came into the scene with something very different which overshadows all that the other rappers have been doing, and this makes her the best at the moment.

The 24 year old Ohemaa Dadao also explained why she has decided to stay away from sex for the past two years.

The Ohemaa Dadao episode of Vibes in 5 will be released on today Friday 22nd July on Pluzz FM 89.9 Angel TV at 7:30pm. You can also watch the interview of Vibes In 5 Facebook page and YouTube channel


Source: vibein5