I am ASHAMED of the GOVERNMENT and as a GHANAIAN – Mannasseh Azure Awuni

Power Barge CeremonyManasseh Azure Awuni posted on his facebook page that he feels ashamed of the government for subjecting Ghanaians and the black race to ridicule. This is because the government spent money to organise a ‘durbar’ to welcome the much talked about power barge. The power minister indicated at the event that another ceremony will also be organised for the president to commission the barge at a later date.

Read his exact words below:

“For the past four years we have had power shortages. Businesses have collapsed. Many have lost jobs. And many lives have been lost as a result of this. The President has promised to end the crises and no one seems to remember the many deadlines he has failed to meet.

Then we were told our saviour would arrive from Turkey in April 2015 to end the power crises. After many embarrassing failures to meet the deadline for the completion of the power barge, we sent a delegation and journalists to Turkey for a ceremony when the barge was finally completed. The ship carrying the barge did not set to sail as we were told. As if the earlier embarrassments were not enough, we again missed the deadline we set for the arrival of the power barge. Then when the barge arrived, we are spending money on another ceremony. After that we will complain there is no money to fuel it.

Those behind such decisions may have had their sense of shame crushed by their vanity and needless showmanship. But the rest of us Ghanaians ought to be worried. What would the foreigners in this country make of us? What would the American, German, Australian and the French Embassies make of us as a people? We are subjecting the entire black race to ridicule with such attitudes. And we have no right to complain about racism because we miss no opportunity to sink lower than the acceptable human standards. Like Kwame Gyan, I am not only ashamed of the government, but this is a moment I feel ashamed of being a Ghanaian. I hate to write this but that’s how I feel.”

Source: www.facebook.com/mawuni

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