Hutton-Mensah best ever ECG MD – Staff

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Agitating workers of national power distributor Electricity Company of Ghana say their recently sacked boss, William Hutton-Mensah is the best they have ever had and thus will fight tooth and nail for his reinstatement.

The President sacked Hutton-Mensah a few days ago. The statement that announced his dismissal did not give any reasons.

However, staff of the company say their former boss has been scapegoated.

ECG Workers from 8 regions of the country have demonstrated and clamoured for the Revered Minister’s reinstatement.

They say Hutton-Mensah has been able to reduce system losses of power to 22 percent since he took office three years ago.

Additionally, the staff say he has been very sensitive to the welfare and promotions of staff, thus their fight for his reinstatement.

Hutton-Mensah’s dismissal comes amidst a serious power crisis due to production shortfalls at both the hydro and thermal stations. The situation has led some citizens to threaten burning installations of the ECG.

But the workers are wondering why the bosses of power producers Volta River Authority (VRA) and transmitters Ghana Grid Company (GRIDco) are still at post while their boss – whom they say can only distribute whatever amount of power is made available to him – has been dismissed and asked to see the energy Minister for reassignment.

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