How to Stop Being Late at Everything!


I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them” – Edward Verrall Lucas

Don’t you find it almost frustrating when you book an appointment with someone and they fail to show up at that the exact time and you just have to sit and wait in anger? They always have one excuse or the other to tell for their irritant lateness.

As a matter of fact, lateness can be avoided, it all depends on how well one’s time is planned. Time is an asset that is given to each and every one of us as we awake each day. It is up to us how we use it and the best way to use it is to put these following things in place every day and to make habits out of them:


1. Have a list for everything From what you would like to achieve daily, weekly, monthly (to do list) to what you intend to buy at the market (shopping list), everything should be well stated out on paper.

Your brain is best utilized for more creative activities than trying to memorise everything you want to do. You may just forget something at the most crucial of times!

2. Get your bag and clothes ready before snoozing Whether be it that you’re leaving home very early to beat the traffic or you’re stepping out later at noon, ensure that everything is all set and ready for the next day.

If you try to do this that day, you’ll find out that you may forget some items and need to return back home (more than once in some cases) which would eventually mean that you’ll be late for work or your appointments.


3. Wear a wristwatch! Not just for the way it makes you look fancy, but also for the sake of being time conscious, wearing a wristwatch (telling the right time or better still five minutes faster) is a major key to avoiding being a chronic late comer. You’ll find yourself looking at it often and having a sense of foreboding that you may be running late.

4. Leave home early This may sound like common sense but trust me when I say that human beings can get unreasonably optimistic that ‘everything would be alright’.

If you live in a megacity like Lagos, you know that you should put a time space of at least two hours between when you’re leaving home and your appointment time because ‘anything can happen’.

I’m sure that after doing these things you would become a better master of your time and arrive at appointments right on schedule

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