How to Know If You Like Someone: Hidden Feelings Revealed

goodSometimes, your own emotions can get so twisted that it’s hard even for you to decode them. Here’s how to know if you like someone.

I know it sounds strange to say that even YOU don’t know how you feel.

We all think that we’ll know the second we start liking someone. But the truth is that we can be completely ignorant to the fact that we’ve developed feelings for someone else.

I think this happens the most when it’s with people we’ve known for a long time. I recently found myself won over by my best friend who has been JUST a friend of mine for a few years. I was struck hard with the realization that I actually liked the guy!

Your mind can play tricks on your feelings

Another factor that can inhibit you from truly realizing your feelings can be your very own brain! A lot of people get it in their head that they can’t possibly have feelings for this person because of certain reasons.

I was convinced for the longest time that I couldn’t like my best friend because he was JUST my friend and I couldn’t cross that line. This made me blind to the fact that I was displaying the most obvious signs that I was totally into him. Even my roommate could tell, yet I had no idea myself.

How to know if you like someone by revealing your hidden feelings

Although it’s a strange concept that we might be able to like someone without even realizing it, there are ways to uncover how you truly feel. There are so many different signs that literally scream, “HEY DUMMY! YOU LIKE THAT PERSON!”

In order to take off the blinders and find out how you really feel about someone, you have to be willing to be truly honest with yourself. If you’re displaying any of these signs, it could mean that you like someone and don’t even know it.

#1 You talk to them… all the time. I mean, if you wake up in the morning and either have a text from them or send one to them within an hour of getting up, then you definitely have a thing for them. Who else do you care about enough to roll over, groggy-eyed, and send a good morning text?

#2 Just about everything reminds you of them… and you tell them. If you’re someone who finds yourself tagging this other person in funny memes and pictures on the internet that seem to remind you of them, then you could like them.

If you’re being reminded of this person by every little thing you see, it’s because you’re actively thinking about them during those times.

AKA, you’re thinking about them a LOT. And when you’re thinking about someone that much, it only means one thing…

#3 You answer their texts/calls right away. If you let everyone else’s messages sit in your inbox unanswered for hours—sometimes even days—but you answer theirs within minutes of receiving it, then you like them.

If what they have to say is more important than anyone else, then they mean something more to you. It’s as simple as that.

#4 You always laugh at their jokes. Now, this could simply be because they’re genuinely a funny person, but if you’re laughing at their jokes when no one else seems to be, it’s probably because you like them.

Science has proven that we find those for whom we have intimate feelings to be funnier than other people perceive them to be.

#5 You get butterflies before you see them. If this happens and you still can’t tell if you like someone, then there’s something wrong with you, because this 100% means that you have a crush on them.

Butterflies are your body’s reaction to the release of adrenaline that happens when you get nervous. And being nervous around someone clearly means that you like them!

#6 You dress a little nicer when you know they’ll be there. Sometimes, people don’t really notice this one because it can be subtle.

But if you know you’re going to be around them and you take a little extra care in getting ready, then you’ve probably got a thing for that person. You only really care about your appearance when you’re going to be around someone you want to impress.

#7 You fidget when you’re talking to them. And by fidget, I mean you pull at your clothes and hair in order to make sure it looks good for them. We also tend to fidget a lot when we’re nervous, which is another surefire sign that you like someone.

#8 You tease them a lot. I don’t think any of us quite outgrow our childhood habits in this sense. We still tend to tease those whom we care about because it usually makes them smile… as long as it’s fun teasing, that is.

#9 They know all the important details about you. We don’t open up to just anyone and share our secrets with them. We shell out our insecurities and personal details to people whom we care about and deeply trust. That kind of trust can only be fostered when you like someone intimately.

#10 You pick up on their phrases. Have you noticed that you’re starting to sound more like them when you talk? This is something called mirroring, and we tend to subconsciously do it when we have feelings for someone.

#11 You know details about their life. Do you know about all of their family, what their favorite anything is, and can basically co-write their biography? If this is the case, then you most definitely like them. Why else would you care about that kind of information?

#12 You have a nickname for them that only you know. For my now-boyfriend and me, I was the only person *other than his mother* who would actually call him by his full name. I never realized that this was actually a very revealing sign that I had feelings for him.

By making up a nickname for them that only you seem to use, you’re separating yourself from the “competition.” You may not know you’re doing it, but this will give you some individualized contact with them.

#13 You see their opinion as the most important. If you go to this special person for their opinion and take what they have to say over that of a family member or another close friend, it’s because you like them and want to please them—subconsciously, of course.

#14 You randomly end up on their social media page. I say “randomly” because it might seem that way to you at first. But the truth is that nothing is truly random. You’ve ended up on their page scrolling through their pictures for a reason.

And I bet that reason has a little something to do with the fact that you miss them. In fact, if you find that this happens a lot when you haven’t heard from them in a while, then you definitely dig them.

#15 You get annoyed when you see them with someone else. Jealousy is one of the biggest and most obvious signs that you like someone more than just as a friend.

Some people try to deny that they’re jealous, and this can lead to their never realizing their true feelings. If you get annoyed and upset when this person is with someone else, then you’ve got to be honest with yourself and see that you have feelings for them.


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